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Use cases

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Data Sharing Coalition

Use cases

The Data Sharing Coalition works on several cross-sectoral use cases of data sharing. In these use cases, organisations from different domains collaboratively define and realise a use case that creates new value from cross-sectoral data sharing.

Besides new value creation in the context of the use case, the use cases provide real-life insights in what is required to achieve interoperability between different data sharing initiatives. This supports the development of the generic agreements the Data Sharing Coalition aims to realise. 

In the current scope of the Data Sharing Coalition, a total of five use cases will be developed. At the moment two uses cases are work in progress.

Sharing energy information with mortgage providers to include in mortgage applications

Green Loans

Over the last few years, increased adoption of smart meters has resulted in an increase in available data on energy usage. This data is currently mainly being used for balancing the…

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Sharing shipment data with insurers for risk management

Sharing shipment data with insurers for improved risk management

iSHARE, the data sharing initiative for logistics, and Verbond van Verzekeraars, the Dutch insurance industry association, are developing a use case where data about a shipment is shared with…

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The Data Sharing Coalition always welcomes ideas to define and realise new cross-sectoral use cases of data sharing. Do you have an interesting idea? Please contact us.