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Welcome to our resources page. Here, you will find useful resources related to data sharing created by the Data Sharing Coalition.

Data Sharing Canvas

The Data Sharing Canvas is the foundation for generic and harmonised agreements which, once implemented, enable data sharing at scale within and across domains and sectors. This has been created together with the 40+ Data Sharing Coalition participants from different domains that represent over 100.000 organisations

Use Case Playbook

Do you want to develop new data sharing use cases to address a certain opportunity or challenge? The Use Case Playbook is a document that provides a step-by-step approach to kickstart your own data sharing use cases.

Findings use case benchmarking for Industry Associations

In this use case, a third party (e.g. Accountant) shares qualified and standardised data on behalf of an Industry Association member with an Industry Association for benchmarking purposes. This report consists of the use case design, insights on the context of the use case and a view on the future role of Industry Associations in the data economy.

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