Position Paper

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Position Paper

Apart from the Data Sharing Coalition, many other (European) initiatives are working on realising the societal and economic potential of data sharing. These initiatives have their own focus, for example on the infrastructure or on realising use cases. What is the position of the Data Sharing Coalition on data sharing? And how does this compare to other data sharing initiatives? In our Position paper, in collaboration with the other initiatives, we set out our relationship with other initiatives to determine similarities, unique aspects, and next steps. This enables us to better contribute to a successful realisation of the data economy and to optimise our efforts. 

Understanding unique focus of data sharing initiatives

Many data sharing initiatives strive to unlock the value of data by sharing and re-using data on a large scale while ensuring data sovereignty. However, each data sharing initiative has a unique signature. We analysed the relationship between the Data Sharing Coalition and other data sharing initiatives with which the Data Sharing Coalition interacts on a regular basis. These include AMdEX, GAIA-X, the GoFAIR Foundation, iSHARE, and the Dutch AI Coalition who all provide overarching principles, standards, or functionalities for parts of the data economy.

To realise mutually beneficial results, the Data Sharing Coalition and other considered initiatives with an aligned vision on data sharing should collaborate on use cases where relevant to optimise the impact of these use cases. Collaboration on use cases allows each initiative to effectively contribute using its unique expertise and to learn from the practical implementation of the use cases. More findings can be found in our Position Paper.