Our results

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Data Sharing Coalition

Our results

The Data Sharing Coalition was founded to drive (cross-sectoral) data sharing on a large scale to unlock the true value of data for businesses and society. Since our journey started in January 2020, we have achieved results that contribute to this goal. On this page, you will find information about our use cases, our approach and tools, our Data Sharing Canvas and our Position Paper.

Data sharing use cases

We defined and realised various (cross-sectoral) data sharing use cases which provide practical insights into the value of sharing data beyond organisational borders. In addition, these use cases offer valuable and practical insights into the barriers for data sharing. Combining all these insights, the Data Sharing Coalition can help organisations overcome the barriers for data sharing, which will help society to unlock the true value of data.


Our approach and tools

To support use case development, the Data Sharing Coalition created an approach to develop use cases as well as several tools to tackle the common problems in use case development – from exploration to implementation. This approach and the tools were created based on our experience with developing different data sharing use cases.


Data Sharing Canvas

Our Data Sharing Canvas is a document that provides a foundation for data sharing agreements and can be perceived as a stepping-stone to facilitate trust and technical interoperability for cross-domain data sharing at scale. It was developed using the learnings from our use cases, expertise from our participants and analysis of existing data sharing initiatives. The canvas covers heuristics to set up the business, legal, operational, functional, and technical conditions under which data can and is allowed to be shared.


Position Paper

Apart from the Data Sharing Coalition, many other (European) initiatives are working on their focus areas to realise the societal and economic potential of data sharing. Clarity on the position of the Data Sharing Coalition relative to other European data sharing initiatives allows us to better contribute to a successful realisation of the data economy. In this Position Paper, we set out our relationship with other initiatives to determine similarities, unique aspects, and next steps to optimise our efforts. We did this in collaboration with these initiatives.