Use Case Playbook

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Use Case Playbook

New data sharing use cases can help to improve process efficiency, develop and/or improve products and/or services, or improve risk assessments. Apart from these business benefits, data sharing use cases can also make a societal impact. They can improve sustainability, improve health, reduce poverty, increase equality, or contribute to a more circular economy. However, developing a new data sharing use case is often a complex endeavour due to the challenges that come with it, for example identifying relevant opportunities, defining a clear scope, and assessing the value for all involved stakeholders.

The first phase of our use case development approach is the exploration phase. During this phase, the Use Case Playbook is used to establish a clear scope of the use case and to identify its potential value. It accelerates new data sharing use cases by providing you with a quick step-by-step approach to generate, assess, and realise scalable use case ideas.

The Use Case Playbook provides a comprehensive, structured process and guides you through 5 steps which help you to successfully identify value potential and scope of your use case:

  1. Use case generation: identify opportunities or challenges that can be addressed with data sharing.
  2. Use case scoping: clearly define what data is shared and which actors are involved.
  3. Use case potential: assess the potential value of your use case to determine feasibility of realising it.
  4. Use case interaction complexity: determine the complexity in organizing trust and interoperability.
  5. Use case realisation: decide whether you want to pursue this use case and define an approach for realisation of the use case.


Did you complete the Use Case Playbook? During phase 2 of our use case development approach, the design phase, you can use our Use Case Blueprint. And during the third phase, implementation, you can use our Use Case Implementation Guide.

Do you want to discuss your use case with our project team? Do not hesitate to contact us.