Joining the Data Sharing Coalition

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Data Sharing Coalition

Joining the Data Sharing Coalition

The Data Sharing Coalition is an open and growing, international initiative in which a large variety of organisations collaborate on unlocking the value of (cross-sectoral) data sharing. 

Why join the Data Sharing Coalition?

Do you want to:

  • Define and realise (cross-sectoral) use cases of data sharing with support from experts and tools?
  • Help unlock the value of data by developing mechanisms for (cross-sectoral) data sharing under control of the entitled party?
  • Gain and share knowledge about (cross-sectoral) data sharing?
  • Become part of an open and involved community that will enrich your network? 
  • Participate in various activities organised by the Data Sharing Coalition to facilitate collaboration with its participants? 

Contribution of participants

Participants are expected to actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the Data Sharing Coalition. Participants can:

  • Develop a (cross-sectoral) data sharing use case
  • Share knowledge about and experience with (cross-sectoral) data sharing
  • Learn from other participants and experts
  • Provide input and expertise to determine the harmonisation potential between data spaces
  • Participate in knowledge sharing sessions to contribute to the development of the generic agreements

Become a participant

Organisations that are interested can join the Data Sharing Coalition by following these four simple steps:

  1. Reach out to the dedicated project team of the Data Sharing Coalition to express interest in joining the Data Sharing Coalition by sending an email to:
  2. Join an introductory appointment/intake call to get acquainted and to discuss the details of participation (role and commitment)
  3. Confirm participation, agreed role, and level of commitment
  4. Get onboarded and invited to all relevant meetings