Data Sharing Canvas

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Data Sharing Canvas

When data is shared widely across domains, this can result in an additional GDP growth of up to 1%. To facilitate data sharing in an easy and secure manner, harmonised agreements between these domains are needed to facilitate data exchange.

Data Sharing Canvas: a foundation for agreements to share data at scale 

The Data Sharing Canvas is a document that provides a foundation for agreements and serves as a stepping-stone to facilitate trust and technical interoperability for cross-domain data sharing at scale. These generic agreements concern the business, legal, operational, functional, and technical conditions under which data can and is allowed to be shared. Examples of topics include roles & responsibilities, governance, security standards, incident management, and functional scope.

Experts from our participants contributed to this document. Furthermore, learnings from our data sharing use cases and analysis of existing data sharing initiatives provided the essential insights that have been documented in our Data Sharing Canvas. 


Next steps: substantiating the Data Sharing Canvas with use case insights

Moving forward, the Data Sharing Canvas will be further substantiated by insights derived from practical data sharing use cases that the Data Sharing Coalition realised. The Data Sharing Canvas lays the foundation for a soft infrastructure to share data between sectors, which we want to deliver in 2025. This infrastructure lowers barriers for organisations that want to share data to establish trust and technical interoperability with their data sharing partners.

Would you like help with your (organisation’s) data sharing use case? Do you want to learn from other organisations? Or do you have an interesting idea for a use case? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.