DigiGO: Efficiency in the construction industry through data sharing

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DigiGO: Efficiency in the construction industry through data sharing

The (Dutch) construction sector faces huge societal tasks and is hindered in innovation due to a fragmented digital landscape. Societal tasks include increase of productivity, circularity and building climate neutral. Although many parties in the design, construction and technical sector start to work with digital systems, there is no interaction possible between these systems. The coherence of systems is lacking.

During the Data Sharing Coalition Community Meeting on the 24th of June Dennis Mollet of DigiGo and Marco Witschge of “Datastelsel Werkelijk Energieverbruik Utiliteit” (DSWEU – Data Sharing Scheme Actual Energy Consumption for Non-Residential Buildings) will present about the current developments in the sector.

DigiGo works on four common ambitions for the sector: Shareable and reusable information, Accessible information, New functions and advanced practices, and Innovation. A view on the challenges and opportunities of realising these ambitions and on the different ‘Acceleration projects’ that are popping up in the market will be provided.

DSWEU is one of these ‘Acceleration projects’, which has the objective to create easier, faster and better insight in the Energy Consumption in the Utility through a Data Sharing Scheme. This project is a direct result of the Dutch Climate Agreement and Strategy.

Do you want to attend this Community Meeting on the 24th of June? Do not hesitate to contact us.